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Our New Head of Sales, Vincent Goh!

Meet Eezee’s New Sales Superstar: Vincent Goh

“I started as a Senior Enterprise Business Development Manager under the Business Development Team reporting to the director. Hence, my job was to create and manage key accounts and develop new businesses for the company.

During my brief time so far at Eezee, I like the culture which is open and transparent. “Everyone can talk to anyone freely, and even you can talk to the management, the founders, and the CEO if you need to.”

Moreover, there are a lot of things that I learned. When I first joined Eezee, I thought a lot of things that seemed impossible in the corporate world seemed possible in Eezee. So, for me, the impossible is nothing when it comes to Eezee. “A successful company becomes successful, not because of one person. It is always about a team. Right? And teamwork is important. And when I say the team that means that includes everyone in the organization.”

Coming from sales and manufacturing background, I think that my experience and exposure in the industry could be of use to the company to identify areas of opportunity. I also believe that my sales experience in this area could provide guidance to the team to achieve our objective.

What motivates me to work at Eezee is when I complete a task that makes me satisfied. So, if I see that I could help a client solve a problem, I personally feel satisfied because I have done something good for them.”

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