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Meet our new Head of Operations, Darius Ong!

Meet our newly promoted Head of Operations, Darius Ong who is also our General Manager for Eezee Malaysia.

“I initially joined Eezee in early 2017 and left the organization in the same year to focus on my family business. In early 2022, I rejoined the team as General Manager after Eezee expanded our operation to Malaysia in late 2021. Recently, I’ve been promoted to Head of Operations for SG and MY operations.

After coming back, I admired the open communication culture between all the teams at Eezee. I like how the Malaysia team has been nothing but great in sharing knowledge. I learned that having an open mind and flexibility are keys at Eezee.

As the company is moving in a new direction which takes place under the current economic climate, I strongly believe that Eezee is moving in the right direction. I am happy to help improve the operation workflow system to be efficient in what we do.  
I find the new direction challenging and I think it’s crucial to strike a balance between our existing workflows and what can we do with our system. Some legacy issues need addressing but we must tread carefully to ensure that commercially we are still giving the best experience to our clients.

What motivates me is believing in how Eezee can add value to our clients, both sellers and buyers while solving a very traditional problem that our CEO, Logan wanted to set out to do.”

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