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Madonna Lim, Assistant Finance Manager
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I did not think of being promoted to any position because for me, it is more important to be able to contribute, do an excellent job, and learn a lot of things first. I learned the basic tasks to more hardcore ones as I reached a new position in Eezee. I also learned how to lead a team, understand their issues, share my perspectives, and encourage them to do the same so we can improve our current workflow and resolve existing issues as a team.

My journey in Eezee has taught me that the most important quality to be successful in your role is the ability to understand how you can contribute to your team and to the organization’s overall goals. That you must have the intrinsic motivation to learn things and be willing to share and pass on the knowledge to your colleagues.

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Ice cream night with Finance Team after their first ever in-person meeting

I appreciate how Eezee believes in transparency and inspires the employees to share their thoughts, not only about the company’s growth but also on how to improve how we think and how we approach situations. Being in a virtual setup with colleagues located in different countries is not easy, but we have proven that this can work even with some limitations and should not be an obstacle to our communication. Due to the pandemic, our team in Indonesia has also shifted to a work-from-home or work-anywhere setup. Despite all this, I think our team has been delivering great results just as much as working in the office.

The leaders that I admire the most are those who are able to share their thoughts with the team and listen to what they have to say. Those who provide support us to grow and correct us when we make mistakes. They inspire me to constantly improve and do more.

I am confident that Eezee will get bigger and expand to more countries as we have a formidable team and great leaders who always root for each other. Together with an ardent desire to learn and evolve, I could foresee a positive change for the finance team.
My new goal after being promoted is to overcome the finance team’s current issues. My advice to my colleagues and other aspiring finance professionals is to always be curious. It is a pathway to continuous self-improvement. So do not be afraid to ask questions, treat those challenges you are facing as opportunities to expand your skills. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with the team because if you have any issues, we can solve them together as a team. Don’t carry the burden of yourself and remember to always root for each other as I believe that’s the key to having a strong team.”

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