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Terrence Goh
Terrence Goh, Co-founder and Product Manager
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In our Ask Me Anything session last week, our Product Manager and Co-founder Terrence Goh  became nostalgic and talked about his journey at Eezee.

“Today at townhall, a member of staff asked me this during my AMA ( Ask Me Anything ) session.

“It must be hard to be one of the early members at Eezee. Some people will choose to work at large organisation or MNC. What made you decide to join Eezee in the beginning?”

This question made me reflect about my decision to join Eezee many years back.

Looking back, it was not an easy journey for the founding team members during the infancy of Eezee.

Not to say that things are easier now, but the challenges we faced in the early days were a very different set of challenges as compared to those that we face today.

At the core, I firmly believe in the vision of the company, that Eezee will become the Amazon for B2B in Southeast Asia.

Looking at developing digital trends around the world, I thought that this is a big problem & opportunity to solve for.

This excited me back then ( still does ) and I made a personal commitment to devote a decade of my life to realise this vision.

For me, there must be a greater meaning or purpose to work. To believe the work that I do can affect positive change at scale, this helps me to wake up every day feeling fuelled and excited about the challenges that I’m going to face at work.

Secondly, having a supportive environment for growth and working with a team of committed individuals. The team, company culture & values enable that.

I’m proud that we have built a culture of open communication, where we support & uplift one another. Where we don’t have to be afraid of speaking up for what’s better in front of a senior.

To everyone in Eezee, let’s continue to cultivate and fiercely guard this culture of ours.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best colleagues, partners, investors, and advisors. I’m thankful that through all my interactions, I’ve grown tremendously as an individual, team player and as a leader in ways that I’d never thought possible 5 years ago.

Sorry if this post sounded too much like a promotional message.

This is an authentic piece and I hope it helps those who are looking for an alternate view from the perspective of a founding member of a start-up company.”

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