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Rajem Pradhan, Head of Customer Success
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I am the Head of Customer Success, and I am happy with this role. I have no aspirations to be promoted but I would like to play a major role to the company’s growth and success in the future, I’m not quite sure what will be the next position after being the HOD, but I am excited to handle more responsibilities as we grow our business. Supporting and interacting with different countries with different background and culture is something I will be looking forward to in the future.


I learned a lot on e-Commerce and how supply chain works. Getting a new perspective and getting outside your comfort zone from time to time is refreshing and invigorating.

I haven’t encountered anything considered a big challenge, but perhaps one of the obstacles I was able to tackle was putting a structure and seeing the improvements manifest in CS team’s Customer Satisfaction scores and Reviews.IO feedback.

The thought of being part of something bigger than myself and thinking about how much I can contribute to the company’s success. I am proud of the amount of work we deliver to make a delightful experience towards our customers and hearing customers happy about their experience and seeing that reflect in our CSAT scores is what keeps me going.

I love the open-door policy. No red tapes and all the non-sense. Just reach out to anyone and when I say anyone, I meant ANYONE including the chief officers and they will be supportive and encouraging to accommodate your concern.

My manager is encouraging, supportive and inspiring, his name is Shawn the Great. Meanwhile, I admire all the co-founders of Eezee for their compassion and humility.

I have my doubts and reservations about the company of course, but instead of focusing on the challenges, I tend to laser focus towards the resolution. True story, I have turned down an offer from the biggest search engine in the planet to join Eezee. I know that this is where my expertise is needed, and I never regretted the decision.

dinner with team philippines
Dinner with the management team during their first meet up with Team Philippines
Having a supportive and inspiring boss like Shawn and having an awesome CS team members helped us achieve and exceed CS team’s target of 95% CSAT in 3 months. My next move is to onboard MY and ID’s CSAT to this level. In addition, I will be training with BD team to acquire some skills in sales. I wanted to help close a sale and bring in some clients to help the business grow in this challenging times.

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