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Faith Tay, Frontend Engineer Intern
Faith Tay Thumbnail 2

Hey there! I’m Faith, an undergraduate studying Computer Science at the Singapore Management University. Over the summer break, I worked as a Frontend Software Engineer intern in the Product Team.

As an intern, I assisted the team in fixing User Interface (UI) bugs, as well as building pages for new and existing features. I also had the opportunity to participate in A/B testing for Eezee’s shop front website.

My most memorable task would be one of my first tasks, which was to create a “Product Not Found” page that was rendered when the user entered an invalid product URL. At the end of this task, I took home two important lessons.

As this was my first time building a page for a company, I was excited to start working on it and eventually see it live on production. I began working on it and requested a code review from my supervisor, Yee Han, a few days later. During the review, Yee Han helped me familiarize myself with Eezee’s codebase conventions and how to properly use the company’s inbuilt design system. He also emphasized on the importance of code readability in order to build a maintainable and scalable codebase. He shared with me his past experiences as supporting examples. This helped me to fully internalize what he was driving at. I learnt my first and important lesson – write code that is readable!

The next step was getting the approval from our CTO, Jasper, before pushing the code to production. After looking at the page, while the current design does serve its purpose of informing the user that the product can no longer be found, he felt that it could go one step further to guide the user on the next step they can take. After discussing with the designers, and weighing the costs and benefits, he requested a redesign and rebuild of this page. It was then I realized the high standards that are being enforced here at Eezee. There is a commitment to make our website as user friendly as we can. That was lesson two.

Knowing that I will be working in a team that produces work of high quality and be able to learn new things got me excited for what lies ahead of my internship journey.

Eezee’s culture

One element of Eezee that makes working here so enjoyable is the people. From mentoring sessions to friendly banters among us, I was made to feel part of this family. Throughout the past 3 months here at Eezee, my supervisor conducted code reviews and patiently answered any questions that I had. Everyone in the team was open to feedback and suggestions. Although I was an intern, my comments were taken seriously, evaluated and also implemented. This made me feel accepted as a member of the team. This kept me motivated to continue contributing.

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. During my time at Eezee, I participated in company-wide activities like our monthly Town Hall meetings. The Product Team also had monthly cohesion sessions, where we could get to know one another better on a personal level through various activities.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

- Winnie The Pooh
Fun times – First cohesion with the Product Team!

On the last day, I had a farewell lunch with the Product Team. I also bid goodbye to the other colleagues from other departments.

faith tay
Farewell lunch with the team

To the team that I enjoyed working with, I bid goodbye to them with a heavy heart. Despite me leaving the team, I believe that we would still stay in touch with each other.

My positive experience as an intern at Eezee was largely influenced by the people that I have crossed paths with. With the skills and knowledge that I have acquired from this internship, together with the bonds that I have forged, I couldn’t ask for a better internship!


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