Sales Enablement Manager

Job Overview

A Sales Enablement Manager’s primary responsibility is to set our sales teams up for success. The scope includes regionalizing necessary content, training, coaching, and support for the team to carry out their roles as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our ideal candidate should be highly data-driven, scaling the benefits offered by our CRM systems.

Job Interactions & Interface:

This role interacts with internal staff: BD Buyer Team, Supply Chain Team, Seller Team, Customer Success, Logistics and Fulfilment Team, Tech Team, Product Team, and Management

This role reports to: COO

Key Responsibilities

· Understand and align goals and Sales Enablement metrics with those of the revenue team and the business overall.

· Create a clear Sales Enablement strategy that aligns with these goals and objectives.

· Ensuring optimal performance of Eezee’s sales CRM systems.

· Upgrading and configuring CRM systems for optimized integration.

· Managing CRM roles, profiles, sharing rules, workflows, and groups.

· Maintaining the sales cloud, as well as building custom reports and dashboards.

· Performing database maintenance tasks, including diagnostic tests and duplicate entry cleansing.

· Coordinate and liaise between Sales Enablement, customer success, and sales teams.

· Educate sales teams on Eezee’s sales processes and CRM optimization.

At Eezee, we recognize effort geared towards producing results. High performers can get promotions, pay increments, and stock options as part of regular reviews.

Work Culture At Eezee

Eezee’s a fast-growing Southeast Asian company in the B2B space. Who are we looking for? We’re looking for someone that’s ambitious, driven, and ready to work hard. If you’re looking for comfort and routine at a 9-6 job, this isn’t for you. Our team is made up of people who are prepared to work fast, break rules, and deliver results. We’re like no other company out there. If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply now.

Your Work Experience

Send us a one-minute video. Tell us about yourself, tell us about why you think you can fit, and tell us about why you think you can perform.

Your Education

At Eezee, we believe education goes beyond that certificate. Curiosity is one of our core values. What’s learning to you? We want to know what you’ve done to learn the skills needed to perform at this job.

Your Cover Letter

At Eezee, we believe in communication. Tell us something about yourself that’s not going to be on your CV. Tell us your story. If you put in the effort, we promise to read every cover letter.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Manila Remote

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